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	* JDK 1.5 (JRE 1.5) or above
	* A desktop environment : Windows, Gnome or KDE ... etc

	N.B: If you are running Windows, Make sure that you already added java bin directory to the environment variable : PATH
	(example : PATH = ...; c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_03\bin)

	Simply double click on jrdesktop.jar to start the application.
	* You may run from command line
		Usage: java -jar jrdesktop.jar  [options]
			server | viewer       		start server (or viewer) using default parameters.
			server | viewer [options]	customized start of server (or viewer). 
			pwd-gen                		password generation utility.
			--version | -v          	display version information.
			--help | -?              	display usage information.
			-a:address              	server's address.
			-d                      	set as the default JVM IP address.
			-i                      	auto detect server IP address.
			-p:port                 	servers port.
			-http:port              	servers http port.
			-u:user                		user's name.
			-w:pwd                  	user's password.
			-s                      	secured connection using SSL.
			-r                      	reverse connection.
			--hide                  	hide main window.
			--noicon                	disable system tray icon.
			--noexit                	disable system exit.
			--pxserver:address      	proxy servers address.
			--pxport:port           	proxy servers port.
			--home:directory        	jrdesktops home directory.
			--conf:file             	load configurations file.
			--downloads:directory   	downloads location.
			--lookAndFeel:laf       	look and feel theme.

		- Example: starting jrdesktop server without displaying main window
				java -jar jrdesktop server --hide
	* You may also start jrdesktop from a java applet:
		- Applet parameters
			home	 			jrdesktops home directory
			noicon 	 			disable system tray icon.
			noexit 	 			disable system exit.
			pxserver 			proxy servers address.
			pxport	 			proxy servers port.
			downloads			downloads location.
			lookAndFeel			look and feel theme.
			server	 			servers address.
			default				set as the default JVM IP address.
			multihome			auto detect server IP address.
			port	 			servers port.
			httpPort			servers http port.
			username			user's name.
			password			user's password.
			ssl				secured connection using SSL.
			reverse				reverse connection.
			config				load configuration file.
			side				launches a server or a viewer side.

		- Example: running jrdekstop viewer without displaying systray icon
				 width="490" height="320">
					<param name="side" value="viewer" />
					<param name="server" value="" />
					<param name="port" value="1099" />
					<param name="username" value="admin" />
					<param name="password" value="admin" />
					<param name="noicon" value="false" />
	* jrdesktop as a Windows service
		   - bin/
			* Install-jrdesktop-service.bat		Install jrdesktop service
			* Start-jrdesktop-service.bat		Start jrdesktop service
			* Stop-jrdesktop-service.bat		Stop jrdesktop service
			* Uninstall-jrdesktop-service.bat	Uninstall jrdesktop service
		   - conf/wrapper.conf				Service configuration file
		   - logs/wrapper.log				Service log file
	* jrdesktop as a Linux / UNIX daemon
	   	   - bin/jrdesktop-daemon			Manage jrdesktop daemon (start | stop | restart | status)
		   - conf/wrapper.conf				Service configuration file
		   - logs/wrapper.log				Service log file
	* jrdesktop as a HTTP server
		   http://IP-ADDRESS:PORT/			jrdesktop web applet
		   http://IP-ADDRESS:PORT/jrdesktop.jar		download binary file (.jar)
		   http://IP-ADDRESS:PORT/jrdesktop.jnlp    	download JWS application
		   http://IP-ADDRESS:PORT/jrdesktop_applet.jnlp	download JWS applet
		- Example: running jrdekstop embedded http server
	* Others ways to start jrdesktop	

	   	- docs/
		* jrdesktop.jnlp	    			start jrdesktop as a JWS application
		* jrdesktop_applet.jnlp   			start jrdesktop as a JWS applet
		* jrdesktop.html	    			start jrdesktop as an applet
		* jrdesktop_for_firefox-1.0-fx.xpi		jrdesktop as a Firefox extension
		* jrdesktopPortable_0.3_Rev_10_English.paf.exe	jrdesktop as a Portable application Copyright (C) 2008-2010 jrDesktop team
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