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Beside the basic functions that comes with a classical remote desktop software such as taking screen shots, transferring mouse and keyboard events, jrDesktop comes with many additional features like multisessions, file transfer, clipboard synchronization, reverse connection, web client and proxy support and more.

jrDesktop comes with a graphical user interface that supports many themes and a tray icon that provides ease of access to main functions.

jrDesktop can be deployed in many formats, such as

Both server and viewer come in one tiny file, no installation is required.

Because jrDesktop is 100 % built on java; it can run on many operating systems such as Windows, Solaris OS, Linux and Mac OS.

Launching jrDesktop can be customized by many command line arguments and applet parameters, also server and viewer configuration profiles can be saved for a future usage.

jrDesktop supports also many graphical features such as image resizing, partial extraction and encoding, color depth selection and JPEG compression.

Communication on jrDesktop is established using its own RMI-based protocol and secured with SSL/TLS encryption protocols. Copyright (C) 2008-2010 jrDesktop team
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