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You can use A Java IDE like eclipse or netbeans to compile & build jrdesktop. However, this is quick guide that helps you to that manually from command line.

echo "Decompression ..."
tar xzvf jrdesktop-source-

echo "Create build & distribution directories"
mkdir -v jrdesktop/build jrdesktop/dist

echo "Changing to source directory"
cd jrdesktop/src

echo "Compiling all files at once ..."
javac -verbose jrdesktop/ -d ../build

echo "Changing to build directory"
cd ../build

echo "Generating stub & skltn files"
rmic jrdesktop.rmi.server.ServerImpl

echo "Copying images directory"
cp -Rv ../src/jrdesktop/images/ jrdesktop/

echo "Generating a new keystore and self-signed certificate"
keytool -genkeypair -keyalg RSA -alias sdo -keystore keystore -storepass password -keypass password -dname "CN=CN, OU=OU, O=O, L=L, S=S, C=C"

echo "Exporting the self-signed certificate"
keytool -export -alias sdo -keystore keystore -storepass password -file temp.key
echo "Importing the certificate into a new truststore"
keytool -import -noprompt -alias sdo -keystore truststore -storepass trustword -file temp.key

echo "Moving the certificate files"
mv keystore truststore jrdesktop/

echo "Removing the certificate file"
rm temp.key

echo "Creating a mainfast file"
echo -e "Manifest-Version: 1.0\nAnt-Version: Apache Ant 1.7.1\nCreated-By: 10.0-b22 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)\nMain-Class: jrdesktop.main\nBuilt-Date: 2009-09-15 08:42:40\n" > ../

echo "Building the application"
jar cvfm ../dist/jrdesktop.jar ../ jrdesktop/* org/*

echo "Generating key for singing"
keytool -genkey -keystore nb-jws.ks -storepass storepass -keypass keypass -alias nb-jws -dname "CN=CN, OU=OU, O=O, L=L, S=S, C=C"

echo "Singing the jar file"
jarsigner -keystore nb-jws.ks -storepass storepass -keypass keypass ../dist/jrdesktop.jar nb-jws 

echo "Running the application"
java -jar ../dist/jrdesktop.jar Copyright (C) 2008-2010 jrDesktop team
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